Rating of Chernivtsi 2014:


Publicity Index


City Mayor publicity


Executive bodies publicity


Publicity of council deputies


Upon the whole, Chernihiv municipality has low publicity level of 44 %. As compared to last year measurement, it is 7% lower. Therefore, city authorities only take 16th position out of the 24. It is mostly due to nonpublic nature of activity of the deputy corps as supported by last year results, too. It must be noted that in 2013 Chernihiv shared the fifth position in an all-Ukrainian rating of cities with Mykolayiv and Luhansk.

Chernihiv City Mayor also has low publicity level (43 %). Despite introducing to the website of information on services of the mayor, biographical notes on executive committee members and other important data activity of city chief official has not become more public according to the measurement methodology used. Thus, in the experiment it was detected that the website publishes not all resolutions of the City Mayor. There is no information on most assistants and advisors of the mayor. There are no efficient tools to engage citizens to participate in decision making process. Nevertheless, Chernihiv can also boast of good practices to indicate transparency of activity of the City Mayor. Thus, a typical form of declaration on property, income, spending and financial liabilities of the City Mayor is available at the council web portal. The section on ‘City Development’ has a Strategy For Development of Chernihiv City for 2007–2015, and the relevant program for social and economic development of the city.

As to publicity measurement of Chernihiv city council executive bodies, it is the highest among other local objects under measurement (61 %). Activity of executive bodies is more than half more public than that of the deputy corps and 18 % higher than the City Mayor index.

Publicity level of executive bodies is classified as satisfactory. It is due to high indices by the criteria of ‘Administrative services’ and ‘Access to public information’. At the same time, it would be worth introducing the practice of posting separate notices on local special purpose programs and privileges for different categories of population as to different types of services.

In order to make interaction of authorities with the community more efficient through submitting information requests it would be worth publishing detailed reports on processed requests for public information or all responses to requests. The creation of a special form to submit an information request online would also facilitate communication both for the administrator of information and the request sender.

The lowest index in the all-Ukrainian rating is with the representative body (27 %). A similar tendency was traced in the 2013 monitoring when the low publicity level of municipality was due to close nature of deputies activity. Official city council website lacks bios of deputies, typical forms of declarations of all deputy corps representatives, relevant information on the schedule for appointments with citizens. There is no free access to information on the composition of deputy factions and its changes, boundaries of constituencies deputies represented. To make the website more user-friendly, it would be worth creating a separate section with information on the functions and duties of deputies.

Decision making process by a representative body in Chernihiv city council has not yet been organized through the electronic voting system. Therefore, no personal voting results for every item on the agenda can be made public. No audios or videos are available either for live broadcast or in recordings on the official web portal. In 2013, the Publicity Index measurement campaign did recommend to arrange the reporting process for deputies to the community and publicize the schedule and contents of deputy reports on the city council website, as well as reports on the use of deputy funds. The recommendations have not yet been taken into consideration.



Information on the On City Mayor and His Activities?66%

The Chernivtsi city council website contains little information on the City Mayor. There are no personal details or biography, while contact details are provided in a separate file you first need to download in order to read. There is no information on authorities and functions of the City Mayor, either.

Some positive features include frequent updates of information as well as continous interaction of the City Mayor with mass media and NGOs.


  • The Chernivtsi city council official website needs biographical data of the City Mayor (such as date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, criminal record, photo, party affiliation);
  • Information on location, postal address, contact telephone numbers, email address of the City Mayor should be posted in the section ‘Chernivtsi City Mayor’;
  • The section ‘Chernivtsi City Mayor’ should also include information on authorities and functions of the City Mayor.
Information On the City Mayor Units and HR Policy?55%

The website lacks information on advisors and assistants of the City Mayor. Their contact details with full names can only be found in a separate telephone directory. The website contains detailed information on procedures and conitions for participating in competition for vacancies. However, the announcements on the start of competition are not always publicized on time (a month before the start of competition). Moreover, the website does not contain minutes of meetings of competition commissions on the results of competitions for vacancies, with the detailed numbers of candidates and the composition of the competition commission.


  • To include into the Chernivtsi city council official website a separate section with details on advisors and deputy mayors of Chernivtsi city head, with their contact details, comnpetences and brief biographical data;
  • Contact details with telephone numbers of the city council officials and the units within city council administration should be posted in the sections on the respective units;
  • The section on documentation should include resolutions of the City Mayor on appointing officials to managerial positions/employees to available vacancies with the minutes of meetings of competition commissions that include the vacancy competition results and specify the number of candidates and the composition of competition commission.
Basic Strategic (Conceptual) Documents of Municipality?69%

The website has available the plan for strategic development of the city, as well as the Master Plan. However, only the Master Plan scheme is freely available as the plan contains restricted access information.

If one wishes to learn more about the city budget and amendments to it, s/he needs to find a resolution of the city council sessions that were adopting the budget and the amendments thereto. There is no separate section with the current city council budget on the website.

The website also contains short-term programme for social and economic development of the city (1 year), while the mid-term (5 years) programme is not available.


  • The city Master Plan should not contain restricted access information. Along with the Master Plan scheme, the website shall contain the descriptive part, too;
  • A separate section with the current city budget needs to be created;
  • The city council website should contain the mid-term programme for social and economic development.
Regulatory Documents of Municipality?64%

Most regulatory legal documents of municipality can be found at the city council website. In particular, the Statute of Chernivtsi City Local Community as well as most resolutions by the City Mayor are freely accessible. However, upon our request to the city council we received a reply that within the period from July, 01, 2014, until August, 01, 2014, Chernivtsi City Mayor has issued 53 resolutions on main activities, 198 resolutions on personnel, 204 resolutions on assigning vacation leaves, 14 resolutions on incentive issues. At the same time, the website only publicized some of those resolutions over that period.

Search for information on the website is largely inconvenient. There are no options to search for different criteria such as date, document title, words in the text, document view, etc.

Chernivtsi City Mayor fully met the requirements of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Access to Public Information’ (they established a separate department / appointed a responsible person, one of departments was assigned to secure compliance with the law).


  • The city council website needs publicizing all resolutions by the City Mayor, without exceptions;
  • The section on Access to Public Infromation should indicate the email address you can send requests to;
  • The website search system should be changed to allow search according to different criteria.


Information on Executive Bodies and Their Heads?32%

The Chernivtsi city council website does not actually contain any information on the composition of executive bodies. The information on deputy city mayors is not available, either. The details on companies, institutions and organizations within the administration of the city council have not been updated for a long time, whie social sphere institutions are not mentioned at all.


  • To add email addresses to the part with contact details of executive bodies;
  • To update information on the structure and personnel composition of executive bodies. To add detailed information about all heads of executive bodies (full names, biographical data, and the photos);
  • To add biographical data (date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, criminal record, a photo) for deputy city mayors. Also, to add information on location, mailing address, communication means numbers of all deputy mayors, visiting hours, and the procedure for making appointments with all heads of executive bodies;
  • To update information on companies, institutions, and organizations within the city council competence, as well as information (heads, contacts) on all social sphere institutions and establishments (educational, medical establishments, social welfare services, cultural establishments, etc.) within the administration of the city council as it is not available at all.
Information on the City Council Executive Committee?82%

The website contains information on authorities of executive committee and its personnel composition but it does not include any information on administrator, while biographical data on executive committee members is not always exhaustive.


  • To add information on executive committee administrator;

To provide all biographical data for executive committee members (date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, criminal record, a photo).

Resolutions and Documentation of Executive Bodies?70%

Chernivtsi city council website publishes all resolutions and most documents by executive bodies. The website does not have any information on the cost of services provided by communal companies of the city.

The website search system is not user-friendly as search in the database of regulatory legal acts is not possible.


  • To add more information on services provided by communal companies, as well as their cost;
  • To publicize information that woud include tarrifs calculation formula for utility services;
  • To change the website search system. To introduce an option for contextual search throughout all textual information by key words, as well as an option for search in database of regulatory legal acts uploaded on the website.
Municipal Property and Land of Municipality?57%

Information on municipal property and land of municipality is publicized in little porions only. Resolutions on holding land auctions are published along with other documents. That is why their search is inconvenient. Also, the resolutions do not contain any data on conditions of land plot use; or a person authorized to conclude the respective agreement. Information on land auction results is only published about some land plots. A separate service of urban planning cadastre was established within the department of urban planning and architecture.


  • A separate section should be created on the website on land auctions;
  • Resolutions must contain imformation on the list of available land plots; each lot starting price; conditions of use for a land plot; and a person authorized to conclude the respective agreement;
  • The website should publish results of all land auctions without exceptions.


Information on the City Council Deputies?36%

In fact, the website lacks information on the city council deputies. Voters can see the lists of deputies, their photos, constituencies they were elected by, as well as the office hours assigned for meetings with voters. There are no contact or personal details of the deputies, nor are there any property declarations.


  • Information on location, mailing address, telephone numbers, and emails of the deputies shall be posted;
  • A separate section shall contain information on rights and duties of the city council deputies;
  • To add biographical data of the deputies (date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, criminal record, photo, party affiliation);
  • To publish declarations of property, income and financial expenditures by the deputies.
Structure and Work Organization of the Representative Body of Local Self-Government?79%

Upon the whole, information on the structure and organization of work of a representative local self-government body is sufficiently presented on the council website. The website also contains relevant information on the schedule of meetings of all permanent deputy commissions. There is also information on the composition of permanent deputy commissions. The website does contain information on the city council secretary.


  • The city council secretary biography shall be complemented with the information on his family status and criminal record;
  • Information on the duties and functions of the council secretariat shall be published in a separate section;
  • Contacts of the city council secretariat shall be published in the respective section on the website.
City Council Plenary Sessions?64%

Information on city council plenary sessions is exhaustive and published on time on the city council website. Also, anyone can see draft resolutions and the adopted resolutions of the city council on the website. Recently, they have introduced the practice to publish on the city council website information on registration of deputies at sessions. We do hope the initiative would last. The lack of individual voting results is a disadvantage.


  • They need to continue the practice of pulishing information on the website on the registration of the city council deputies at the sessions;
  • To introduce the practice to publish on the city council website individual voting results;
  • To create on the city council website the archive with recordings (video, audio) of the city council sessions.
Regulatory Legal Acts and Other Documents by the City Council?61%

The city council website only has part of regulatory legal acts. The documents include resolutions adopted at plenary sessions but they lack minutes of meetings of permanent deputy commissions, resolutions that regulate the amount of deputy funds, as well as the plan of execution of voters’ mandate by the deputies. Moreover, not all requests of the city council deputies are publicized.


  • The city council website must publish:
  • minutes of sessions of permanent deputy commissions;
  • all requests from city council deputies;
  • resolution that regulates the scope of deputy funds for performing their duties, as well as the procedure of their use.



Public Participation?55%

The citizens of Chernivtsi find it quite easy to address the City Mayor. They can do it by signing up for a visit or by using the option of electronic address, or by writing a post at the City Mayor Facebook profile. When Chernivtsi citizens need to address the City Mayor on some urgent issues, there are some problems, though. It is because the Chernivtsi city council does not have any ‘hot line’ for urgent requests from citizens.

Even though the City Mayor institute does not have any public council, it is available at the city council executive bodies and can consider issues on the performance of the City Mayor.


  • They need to introduce an option to make an appointment for a visit to the city head via the website with the opportunity to choose the location (for persons with disabilities);
  • To extend vitisiting hours from 4 to 8;
  • To establish a ‘hot line’ for urgent requests from citizens, including those to the City Mayor;
  • To introduce the practice for discussing significant issues with the public. For specific cases, to establish working groups that would include local community members.


Public Participation?78%

Chernivtsi city council is open enough to the public. One can easily get to the offices of departments and units. Citizens can also participate in executive committee meetings. The council website publishes announcements on public hearings but they do not contain any draft documents. The number of advisory bodies is not sufficient, while the existing ones are not efficient enough.


  • To add draft documents to announcements on public hearings;
  • To create more advisory bodies in the city council and monitor their performance.
Access to Public Information?81%

Chernivtsi city council provides access to public information. The website has all relevant information to draw information requests. The requests are attended in timely manner but the replies do not always contain all the information requested. Often, you need to send follow-up specifying requests. Also, the website does not have any option to send a request via online form. It would largely simplify the procedure of submitting requests.


  • To introduce changes to the Procedures for Providing Access to Public Information adopted by the resolution of Chernivtsi City Mayor ‘On Securing Implementation of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Access to Public Information’. The changes should include the introduction of an email information requests could be sent to. The email address should be published in the respective section of the Chernivtsi city council website;
  • Replies to information requests should be full and exhaustive.
Administrative Services?46%

The city of Chernivtsi has an established Center for Rendering Administrative Services. However, its performance cannot be described as efficient. In particular, they have not introduced an electronic waiting line. The CRAS does not have any separate website but most information on the work of this institution can be found at the city council website.


  • To create a separate website for the CRAS;
  • To add information on the access mode to the building where they receive requesters, as well as on available public transportation connections, access roads and parking places;
  • To publish on the CRAS website information on functioning of the round the clock governmental telephone reference service to inform requesters through mass media;
  • To publish information reference materials on administrative services and disseminate them free of charge at the CRAS;
  • To arrange information stands at the CRAS with enough descriptions on how to receive administrative services unassisted;
  • To arrange an electronic waiting line at the CRAS;
  • To provide for the advance visit reservations at the CRAS, including also online;
  • To establish an institution to render free of charge primary legal aid.


Public Participation?63%

City council is quite open in its work, citizens can freely attend city council sessions. There is a clear-cut procedure that allows citizens to freely speak out at the city council plenary sessions.

The procedure of citizens access to deputy commissions meetings is somewhat obscure but anyone can attend.

Most city council deputies do not hold regular meetings with the voters. Even if they do, hardly anyone conducts the meetings personally.


  • to publish on the website the procedure that would regulate access of citizens to deputy commissions meetings;
  • to recommend holding regular meetings with the voters and do this in person.



Financial Resources of Municipality?100%

The website has available an annual report on the city budget execution by the City Mayor, with income and expenses. However, it is quite general in nature and does not include the details.


To publish on the website a detailed report on the execution of the city budget.

Report on the City Mayor’s Performance?36%

The secretary of the city council who was an acting City Mayor did not report to the community and the city council on his performance and the work of Chernivtsi city council executive bodies.


The Local Community Statute of the city of Chernivtsi needs more specific descriptions for the City Mayor’s reporting procedures.


Reporting on Performance of the Council Executive Bodies?33%

Most executive bodies publish their performance reports on the council website and do not report directly to local community. However, one can freely access reports on implementation of programs of social economic and cultural development, even though they are not exhaustive and only contain general parameters. Interim and final reports on the implementation of target oriented programs in the current year are duly published.

The reports on processing requests for public information are not full, either.


  • All city council executive bodies without exception should report on their work to local community and also publish their reports on the council website. Announcements on these bodies reporting should be published on the council website and in mass media in due time (at least 5 days before);
  • To publish an exhaustive report on implementation of programs of social economic and cultural development;
  • To publish reports on processing requests for public information, while mentioning the requester and the theme of request.
Financial resources of Municipality?0%

It is impossible to obtain any information on financial resources of municipality. The website does not have any data on the structure and scope of budget expenditures. The quarterly reports are not published. There is no available information on financial resources spent to support the functioning of a local self-government body, such as executive bodies in particular.

Information on the results of communal property alienation is not full.


  • There is a need to publish data on the structure and scope of city budget expenditures;
  • To publish quarterly reports on the city budget implementation;
  • To publish information on financial resources (structure and scope of city budget expenditures, procedures and mechanisms of spending) that are spent directly for the operation of a local self-government body, and executive bodies in particular;
  • To provide to the public information on city budget implementation over the previous year;
  • To regularly publish executive bodies’ reports on the course and results of municipal property alienation.
Regulatory Policy?100%

Reports on monitoring the effectiveness of regulatory acts are published on the council website.


Reporting on Performance Results?12%

Deputies of Chernivtsi city council do not actually report to the voters. Even if they do, they provide insufficient information on their performance. It is impossible to find any reports of deputy commissions on the city council website, while the procedure for deputies reporting to local community is not regulated by the Statute of Local Community.


  • The city council website should publish deputy commissions reports;
  • The reporting procedure of deputies to local community must be clearly regulated in the Statute of Local Community;
  • All deputies without exception must report to their voters for the work done;
  • Deputies’ reports shall include information on the deputy’s activities in the council and in its bodies, implementation of the election programme, participation in hearings, and execution of voters’ mandate;
  • The reports shall contain information on the amount of funds allocated from the deputy funds for the needs of citizens.

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