Rating of Kyiv 2014:


Publicity Index


City Mayor publicity


Executive bodies publicity


Publicity of council deputies


Kyiv city council holds the 3rd position in the general publicity rating out of the 24 city councils of regional centers. However, with the publicity index of 58% out of the maximum 100, Kyiv municipality belongs to the prevailing group of cities which publicity level is qualified as low. Among all local self-government objects under measurement, the City Mayor and executive bodies showed much higher indices than the deputy corps.

The city is peculiar in that its operation is governed by the separate Law of Ukraine ‘On the Capital City of Ukraine, the Hero City Kyiv’. Head of Kyiv city council is at the same time head of the executive committee Kyiv city state administration. Thus, he has a wider range of powers as to interaction with citizens and implementing good governance principles. However, in practice, his publicity as the City Mayor and that of the head of city state administration is manifested differently. For instance, even though it repeats some information, the administration official website operates much more efficiently than the city council website that citizens also use.

The City Mayor index reached 62 % of the maximum publicity standard which placed him on the 4th position in the general publicity rating, hence classifying Kyiv City Mayor’s publicity as satisfactory. In particular, positive practices are to publicize key local legal regulatory acts and direct communication of the mayor with the citizens (even though it is not occurring on the regular basis). Citizens have access to information content as to departments of the City Mayor and the council human resources policy. Basic conceptual documents (Master Plan of the City, land cadastre, budget with appendices, short-term and long-term programs of social and economic development) are available in open access. The website contains detailed list of graphics of the City Master Plan. However, the procedure for reporting of the City Mayor to local community is not fully regulated. Individual appointments are scheduled for the mayor every month, but little time is allocated for them. The City Mayor is active to use public hearings and consultations with the public as formal tools of engaging community members into the decision making process. The negative aspects include the fact that most of information Kyiv citizens might need about the activities of the chief official is posted not on the city council website but on the website of the executive body, Kyiv city state administration, including declaration on income, procedures for receiving citizens, the scope and description of the Mayor’s powers.

The executive body of the city council, Kyiv city state administration has the index of 65 %, thus demonstrating satisfactory publicity level and holding the third position in the All-Ukrainian rating. The information on the executive body and its chief executives is detailed enough, while the website is regularly updated and has user-friendly and functional interface. The access mechanism to public information functions well. The fact that there is a ‘Contact Center of the City of Kyiv – 1551’ makes it possible to immediately respond to citizens’ requests. Low accountability level of Kyiv city council executive bodies is a key problem. Departments do not publicize any separate content reports on their performance; the procedure of direct reporting of all executive bodies to the citizens is not regulated by local legal regulatory acts. The practice of holding land auctions has not been introduced yet.

Deputy corps publicity is classified as low and reaches 47 % of the maximum standard. In particular, there is no detailed (and updated) information on the deputy corps of Kyiv city council (contact details of deputies, telephone numbers, postal addresses, addresses of receiving offices), biographical data is not complete. There is no information on property and income of deputies. The mechanisms to consider for citizens’ interests in local decision making are not in place since the procedures for public hearings, local initiatives, and general meeting are under-regulated. Deputies do not publicize any written reports on their work. The practice for open reporting of deputies to the voters is not unified. However, the transparency of the city council work is duly present, in particular in holding plenary sessions and publicizing drafts and adopted texts of legal regulatory acts.



Information on the On City Mayor and His Activities?80%

The official website of Kyiv city council and the website of the council executive body, Kyiv city state administration, have detailed biographical data (such as date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, a photograph, and party affiliation) of the city mayor. However, there is no information on any criminal record of the city council (administration) head.

Declaration on property, income, expenditures and financial liabilities of the city mayor is publicized in the printed medium of Kyiv city council (Kyiv City State Administration) Khreshchatyk and it is available only on the administration webpage. Also, the council website has information on location of the city mayor, his mailing address and an email, as well as office telephone numbers.

The receiving schedule and the procedure of applying for an appointment is published only on the website of Kyiv City State Administration. However, there is no information on the procedure for the city mayor to receive initiative groups of citizens or other groups. Also, the administration website has full information available on powers and functions of the city mayor, on temporary distribution of duties among the head and the deputy heads.

The activities of the city council head (Kyiv City State Administration) are covered on the websites of the city council and the administration on a regular basis. The city head is interacting with mass media representatives. Kyiv citizens are vastly informed on the activities of the city council head (Kyiv City State Administration). However, the information published about the activities of the city mayor on the council website and on the Kyiv administration website is absolutely different in quality.

Information On the City Mayor Units and HR Policy?55%

The official Kyiv city council website does not have any information on assistants and advisors of the city mayor (full-staff – executive support services, and part-time ones). The summarized contact details with the telephone numbers of city council officials and the units administered by the council are available in the ‘Secretariat’ section. However, not all information is up-to-date (such as telephone numbers and addresses). The council website contains details on procedures and terms for participating in the competition for vacancies. However, there is no information on availability (if any) of the vacant positions.

Basic Strategic (Conceptual) Documents of Municipality?79%

The official KCSA web portal has published a Strategy for Development of the City in the section ‘On Kyiv – a Strategy for the Period Until 2025’. There is a full text of the document numbering 90 pages. It is also detailed and substantial.

The KCSA has a functioning municipal company ‘Kyivgenplan’ to monitor the current Master plan of the city and act as a general designer for drafting a new Master plan for the development of the city of Kyiv and the suburban areas for the period until 2025. There is also available a functioning website of the company. There is a Facebook profile ‘Master Plan of the City of Kyiv’. There, citizens have a chance to discuss relevant issues. The document and the detailed plan of the city territory are available among other documents of the Architecture Department. All appendices (designs and graphs) are available in high resolution which makes it easier to see them. The Master plan of the city of Kyiv does not have any information classified with restricted access.

The KCSA portal has a separate section on the budget policy (‘Budget’). It contains information on the current budget (‘Resolution of February, 04, 2014 # 6/10152’), amendments thereto, and information on the implementation of the current year budget and the draft budget for 2015.

The section on ‘Economic and Social Development Programme’ on the KCSA portal has a current programme for 2014, distribution of budgetary allotments to fund capital investment of the Programme of Economic and Social Development of the City of Kyiv for 2014, and also information on the implementation course of the Programme. The website does not have any information on the forecasts as to the 5-year long programme of social, economic and cultural development.

Presently, the ISO standards are implemented into the work of KCSA. There is a relevant international quality certificate. Kinds of activities stipulated by the document (certification areas) concern administrative services rendering. The certificate is not published on the council website.

Regulatory Documents of Municipality?100%

The city of Kyiv has a Statute of Local Community adopted by the council and recorded in the state registration system (Decree of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine # 14/5 of February, 02, 2005 ‘On Registration of the Statute of Local Community of the City of Kyiv’).

Resolutions of the city mayor are timely published on the council website in the section on ‘Resolutions of Kyiv City Head’. Resolutions on personnel issues are also published in the document database. Due to a convenient search system, the documents in the section on ‘Resolutions of Kyiv City Head’ can be found according to the date, title, words from the text, etc.

The chapter on ‘Public Information’ does not have resolutions by the city mayor for the implementation of the respective law. The website contains information on the KCSA structural unit in charge of the segment. It is the Department for Information Support and Access to Public Information.


Information on Executive Bodies and Their Heads?100%

Kyiv City State Administration website contains information on the composition, powers, and performance of executive bodies. Information on the managerial staff is offered in full amount, such as data on location, telephone numbers, emails, office hours of departments, boards and units operating within the KCSA. Information on heads and employees of structural units, the receiving schedules for citizens and the application procedure are presented in full scope. The website hosts receiving schedules of the KCSA deputy heads, both for personal appointments and field visits. The provisional duration of meetings with deputy mayors is 4 hours a month during personal appointments and 1 hour for the hot telephone line. The meetings can be appointed upon prior application through the department for citizen requests of the executive body of Kyiv city council (Kyiv City State Administration).

The KCSA head has six deputy heads: first deputy head of the KCSA Nikonov Ihor Volodymyrovych; the KCSA deputy heads Panteleyev Petro Oleksandrovych, Radutckyi Mykhaylo Borysovych, Ryabikin Pavlo Borysovych, and Starostenko Hanna Viktorivna; administration staff head Bondarenko Volodymyr Volodymyrovych. The information is presented in full scope as it contains biographical data and work experience of the officials, their income declarations, photos, and contact details.

The website contains information on all functions and tasks of the KCSA structural units, the list of companies, institutions and organizations within the KCSA administration. There are also contact telephone numbers.

Information on the City Council Executive Committee?10%

Functions of executive committee of the city council are fulfilled by Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA). There is a functioning KCSA website which is quite user-friendly and informative. Thus, you can find there information on personnel composition of the KCSA, contact telephone numbers and emails, biographical data on the KCSA heads, including also date of birth, educational background, work experience, family status, a photo, income declarations, office hours, and receiving schedules.

Resolutions and Documentation of Executive Bodies?72%

The official KCSA portal has a section on ‘Resolutions’ which contains all resolutions referring to the KCSA operations. Information on regulatory activities are also available on the website, such as planning of regulatory activities, publicizing draft regulatory acts, monitoring efficiency of regulatory acts, facts on regulatory policy implementation, and a register of regulatory acts. Information on procurements can be obtained only upon your authorization on the website. There is a separate website of the ‘Main Information Processing Centre’ municipal company. It contains calculations of each tariff type for utilities services and the resolutions adopting the calculations.

The Programme for Social and Economic Development of the City of Kyiv for 2014 is freely accessible with all appendices, distributions of allotments to fund capital investment, and information on the Programme implementation.

The official KCSA portal offers a general search among the news and other information available on the website. In addition to that, you can search among the council documents.

Municipal Property and Land of Municipality?46%

Over the last 6 years, there have been no land auctions in the city of Kyiv. The KCSA website has a section on ‘Urban Development Cadastre’. Upon logging into the system, you can fill in the online application form for a shared participation. Also, pursuant to the implementation of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Regulation of Urban Construction Documents’, Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of May, 25, 2011 # 559 ‘On Urban Construction Cadastre’, the Department for Urban Construction and Architecture keeps a register and enters to the database of the urban development cadastre the issued feasibility studies and restrictions for construction, and construction passports.


Information on the City Council Deputies?22%

Kyiv city council website has incomplete information on each of the deputies. Not all of them posted a photo, biographical data, mailing address, telephone numbers, or property declarations. There is no information on assistants of deputies, no details on deputy requests submitted by each deputy. There is only full information on political party affiliation of deputies. There is no map to identify the boundaries of majority-based constituencies the deputies were elected from. The website has information with addresses and office hours of deputy offices. However, it is not always detailed enough and up-to-date. Some information thereon is not available at all. There is no free access to written deputy reports. Also, the council has not adopted any decisions to adopt reporting schedules of deputies to the community.

Structure and Work Organization of the Representative Body of Local Self-Government?62%

The official website of Kyiv city council offers information on the regulations of work of Kyiv city council and the provisions on the work and composition of permanent commissions but the information is not always up-to-date (such as contact telephone numbers). Information on the council secretary can be found in the relevant section but there is no biography or property declaration available. There is information on the composition of deputy factions. Data on duties and functions of the council secretariat is published in full scope such as its location, mailing address, telephone numbers, and emails.

City Council Plenary Sessions?72%

Resolutions by Kyiv city mayor on convening council sessions and scheduled meetings is published on the council website in a timely manner, i.e. at least 10 days before the day.

The city council has an operating electronic voting system. Results of personal voting on every item of the agenda are timely published on the council website. However, there is no data on registration of deputies’ names attending plenary sessions.

The council sessions can be listened to in a real time mode. The video broadcast is available on the Kyiv television channel.

Regulatory Legal Acts and Other Documents by the City Council?61%

The council website timely publishes all resolutions adopted at plenary sessions. Minutes of meetings of permanent deputy commissions and the council sessions are published. There is no information on deputy requests, on the amounts of deputy funds for the execution of their powers, or the procedure of their use. Also, there is no information on the implementation status of the voters’ mandate by deputies.



Public Participation?63%

Kyiv city head dedicates only 2 hours a month to receive citizens. The appointments are conducted pursuant to the Procedures to Arrange and Conduct Personal Appointments of Citizens by KCSA Head, a First Deputy Head, and KCSA Deputy Heads adopted by KCSA resolution of April, 18, 2011 # 570. The appointments can be made upon prior application through the Department for Citizen Requests of executive staff of Kyiv city council executive body (Kyiv City State Administration). Applications and invitations of citizens for personal appointments with Kyiv city head are conducted upon his personal commissioning. A citizen can apply for a personal appointment with the city mayor on the basis of a written request which shall contain full name, residence address, contact telephone numbers, a request for an appointment, and a description of the problem under consideration. The request may also include materials substantiating the request (claim), complaint, or a proposal (suggestion), as well as materials describing which officials or public authorities had already been attended to consider the problem and the decisions adopted thereon, if any. A requester is informed on the final date and time of the appointment by an invitation letter and via telephone. A provisional period it takes for a citizen to get an appointment is two months.

There are no specific hours set in the schedule of a city head to receive initiative groups, representatives of NGOs, trade unions or other institutions.

In addition to personal meetings, you can communicate with Kyiv city head via his Facebook profile of which he is an active user. The council official website also offers an option to address him via an online form.

A Contact Center of the City of Kyiv has been operating for six years already. Dialing a number 15-51 you can address an operator to voice your complaint or suggestion as a citizen of Kyiv. The enterprise was initiated on the basis of the former Help Service for Kyiv citizens, the Call center 15-51. It is part of National System for Processing Citizen Requests to Public Authorities. In order to be able to provide a competent and expanded reply, all requests are immediately sent to respective structural units of Kyiv city administration. The needed information is offered by the Contact center employees within a short term. Due to a ‘hot line’ of the contact centre, a requester does not need to write a request and bring it personally to be registered at a public institution. It would be sufficient to make a phone call on a multichannel line 15-51 (fixed line) or (044) 205-73-37, and explain the problem or suggestion to the operator. The ‘hot line’ operates 24/7. Moreover, you can leave your request via an online form on the website of the ‘Contact Centre of the City of Kyiv’ www.1551.gov.ua.

There are no functioning public councils at the city mayor. Also, there is no unit within the structure of Kyiv city council to be in charge of establishing cooperation with civil society organizations.


Public Participation?36%

Kyivites have a free access to the KCSA premises. They include offices of departments, boards and units. However, the website does not have any information on detailed procedure for public hearings or other public participation tools (local initiative, general meeting of citizens). General information on the procedures is available in the Statute of the City of Kyiv. Announcements on scheduled public hearings are not published on the council website in a timely manner. The website does not either contain information on the public hearings held (information notes, materials under consideration, and the minutes of the relevant hearings).

Access to Public Information?86%

The unit ‘Department of Information Support and Access to Public Information’ is in charge of access to public information. The unit provides access of Kyiv citizens to public information administered by Kyiv City State Administration. The KCSA website has a separate section on ‘Public Information’. There, you can find draft regulatory legal acts and other acts, file a request for information, learn about the details of filing, submitting, and processing information requests coming to the Kyiv city council (Kyiv City State Administration) executive body, learn more about the procedure for disputing resolutions, acts or inactivity of information administrators, read the reports on processing requests for public information, see the regulatory legal database and the most frequently requested documents.

The unit receives both individual and collective information requests. The request can be submitted in viva voce, in a written form, or other form. The requests are accepted in any free format but in order to simplify the procedure of filing written requests, the Kyiv City State Administration developed a special request form. Usually, requested information is offered by executive bodies in a timely manner. In the case when a request needs more processing time, a requester shall be notified thereon. The KCSA web portal contains a unified database for registering public information. However, in order to enter the database, you must authorize first. The website interface is understandable but it is not adjusted for visually impaired persons.

Administrative Services?98%

The Center for Rendering Administrative Services of the city of Kyiv is located at the address of vul. Dniprovska Naberezhna, 19 – Б. every city district has a separate functioning CRAS. Kyiv CRAS has their own website for citizens to fill in various sorts of information cards, learn more about the list of services rendered by the CRAS. There, you can also receive information on the CRAS regional units in different city districts, as well as their contact details.

Receiving of citizens takes place in real time mode. There is no need for prior application to receive some services in the CRAS. The Centre is duly equipped. There are boxes for comments, stands, information materials, samples of documents for independent work with them. There are also necessary forms to fill in. The city has an establishment to render free of charge primary legal aid.


Public Participation?47%

Kyiv citizens can attend city council plenary sessions upon applying and registering thereon. However, the Regulations of the council work do not stipulate any procedures to provide for a citizen to speak out at a plenary session.


  • develop and implement the procedure of access for citizens to plenary sessions of the council, meetings of permanent commissions, with an opportunity to speak out;
  • update in the Community Statute information on the procedures for public hearings, local initiative, general meeting of citizens, or introduce the procedure to separate provisions of the council.



Financial Resources of Municipality?100%

The ‘Budget’ section on the KCSA web portal contains quarterly, semiannual and annual reports on the execution of local budget. Besides, there is information on expenditures and revenues, as well as resumes on the general status of budget implementation.

Report on the City Mayor’s Performance?27%

City mayor fails to report and inform on his performance in a due manner. Thus, they do not publish in advance a reporting schedule by the mayor. It lowers the interest of the broad public and makes it more complicated for citizens to get engaged. Another disadvantage is that there is no free access to a written report by the city mayor on the activities of executive bodies.


  • reporting by the city mayor to the community shall take place only in the form of an open meeting with all citizens interested, so that they could pose their questions to the mayor;
  • introduce a procedure for the mayor to inform the community on the implementation of social, economic and cultural development programmes, as well as special purpose programmes at open meetings, at least twice a year;
  • publicly report on the performance of executive bodies and publish the reports on the website of the council, the KCSA, and the Khreshchatyk newspaper;
  • regulate the procedure for detailed reporting by the city mayor in the Statute of Local Community;
  • publish on the city council website an annual schedule for reports by the city mayor and inform citizens on the results of work of the city mayor;


Reporting on Performance of the Council Executive Bodies?28%

The KCSA boards and departments report on their performance not before the local community, or at open meetings, but at plenary sessions of the council. There is no reporting schedule on the KCSA website. There is no free access to written reports of units and departments on their performance. However, there is published a separate report on implementation of programmes for social, economic, and cultural development. Also, there are no separate interim or final reports on the implementation course for special purpose programmes. There are no reports on the course and results of municipal property alienation.

Financial resources of Municipality?51%

The KCSA web portal has a separate ‘Budget’ section which hosts regulatory legal acts on budgeting, draft regulatory legal acts, resolutions ‘On the City of Kyiv Budget’ for 2014, and for 2013, with all appendices, information on budget execution for 2014 (monthly, quarterly and annual details), and for the year 2013, passports of budget projects, reports on the budget project passports implementation, information on local debt and on guaranteed debt. There is also information on the draft budget for 2015.

Regulatory Policy?100%

The KCSA website has a separate section on ‘Regulatory Activities’ which contains information on planning of regulatory activities. There are also published draft regulatory acts and reports on monitoring efficiency of regulatory acts. Also, they published a register of regulatory acts for public awareness.


Reporting on Performance Results?18%

The website of Kyiv city council does not have any reports of permanent deputy commissions. The reporting procedure for Kyiv city council deputies is not regulated either in the City Statute, or in any separate Provisions. There is no published reporting schedule for city deputies. The same concerns informing the council and its executive bodies on the results of discussions of deputy reports, or remarks and suggestions voiced by voters about the council and its bodies. There is no free access to information on spending from deputy funds.

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