The idea to measure a Publicity Index of local self-government was elaborated in 2011 by the activists of Civil Network OPORA in Lviv. For several years already organization has been implementing campaigns and special events aiming at ensuring openness and transparency of the way bodies of local self-government and state authorities function in Ukraine. Moreover, OPORA endeavored to establish a network of NGOs promoting watchdog activity. In particular, in 2009 a specialized Watchdog School (based on the David Kolb’s learning cycle technology) was launched and guidebook in Watchdog activity was published by OPORA.

In our everyday activity we often experienced a lack of complex methodology providing a unifying tool for identifying and regular comparing of publicity of local self-governments in different cities. Such a tool would not just raise NGOs capacity in performing their controlling function but also would help elaborate specific recommendations for the local authorities with regard to their public openness, transparency and accountability. That’s how the idea of the Project “Measuring “The Index of local self-government’s publicity in Ukraine” was born, including the development of a relevant tool – Publicity Index – and putting it into practice.

The methodology was elaborated by OPORA’s activists and later improved due to efforts of 10 regional partners, who evaluated the publicity level of local self-governments in 2013.

A Partner Network for the Publicity Index measuring campaign covered non-governmental non-political organizations which possess experience in running civic monitoring and assessments of local self-governments, are politically independent and have declared no conflict of interests with the objects of monitoring research.

In 2014 all oblast centers of Ukraine were the object of monitoring (except for the AR Crimea).

The publicity index in the regions was measured by the following organizations:

City Organization
Cherkasy     Cherkasy office of OPORA Civil Network
Chernihiv     Podillya Fund for International and Regional Research
Chernivtsi    Chernivtsi office of OPORA Civil Network
Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk office of OPORA Civil Network
Donetsk Donetsk oblast organization of all-Ukrainian public organization ‘Committee of Voters of Ukraine’
Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk office of OPORA Civil Network
Kharkiv         ‘Fund of Local Democracy’ Public Organization
Kherson       Youth Center for Regional Development
Khmelnytskyi         Khmelnytskyi Youth Club for Development
Kirovohrad  ‘Territory of Success’ Public Organization
Kyiv Kyiv office of OPORA Civil Network
Luhansk       Luhansk office of OPORA Civil Network
Lutsk                         Center for Political Analysis and Election Consultancy
Lviv                Lviv office of OPORA Civil Network
Mykolayiv     Voznesensk city public organization ‘Agency for Economic Development’
Odesa           Odesa oblast organization of the all-Ukrainian public organization ‘Committee of Voters of Ukraine’
Poltava         Analytical Center ‘Bureau for Economic and Social Research’
Rivne                        Rivne office of OPORA Civil Network
Sumy                        ‘League of Protection’ Public Organization
Ternopil        ‘Union of Youth Self-Government’ Public Organization
Uzhgorod     Transcarpathia office of OPORA Civil Network
Vinnytsia ‘Podillya Agency for Regional Development’ Public Organization
Zhytomyr     ‘Polissya Initiative’ Public Organization
Zaporizhzhia           ‘European Youth of Ukraine’ Public Organization


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